SharePoint managed services are aimed at ongoing monitoring of SharePoint solutions, solving technical issues, and improving features in order to maintain seamless operating with high performance.

With 5 years in SharePoint consulting and development, CodeByte offers professional managed services to support our customers’ SharePoint solutions. We help enterprises maintain and enhance their SharePoint environment and enable them to focus on their core activities.​

Worried that Your SharePoint Solution Is Underperforming?

We will ensure smooth operating of your SharePoint solution and help you use it to the fullest to achieve your company goals. Contact our SharePoint team to learn how to start getting maximum value from your solution.

Our key offering includes:


Integration support

We ensure the seamless performance of your SharePoint solution integrated with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, ECM, DMS), email (Outlook, Gmail), social media (Facebook, Twitter) services, and more. We also fix integration issues for hybrid SharePoint solutions.


Customization support

Our team solves customization issues with your SharePoint solutions, such as intranets, document management systems, project management tools, etc. We maintain the stable work of your custom add-ins.

More Details

Managed Azure Services

As a Cloud Service Provider Partner, we resell Azure Cloud Services, including hosting and Office 365 licenses with a price advantage. We also offer account administration and license management and provide consolidated billing for our services and the cloud licenses.



We use a proactive approach to SharePoint managed services and start with a comprehensive diagnostics of a SharePoint solution’s performance and security – an initial remote health check. The health check includes overall monitoring of the SharePoint solution with:

  • SharePoint security audit.

  • SharePoint farm assessment.

  • Custom application assessment.

  • Content analysis and assessment.

  • Custom code review.

  • Load time analysis.

  • User experience assessment.

After the diagnostics, CodeByte’s SharePoint team comes up with a health check report that contains a detailed description of the detected bottlenecks, such as security vulnerabilities or user adoption issues and gives recommendations on how to fix them. Our SharePoint team also offers assistance in implementing these recommendations.


CodeByte’s SharePoint managed services are available 24/7 and include:

Monitoring Ongoing SharePoint monitoring. Quick access to the metrics such as firewall rules, network bandwidth, etc. allows us to be aware of errors as soon as they happen and take immediate action to resolve the issues.
Ongoing performance check Ongoing system performance check. We carry out an in-depth analysis of SharePoint performance and its components to detect bottlenecks, such as slow load time. Then, if we reveal problems in CPU, RAM, etc., we troubleshoot these issues.
Help desk Help desk. We handle trouble tickets on the loss of critical data, application errors, SharePoint functionality degradation, etc. in conformity with a service level agreement (SLA).
Security check Monthly security check. CodeByte assists you in evaluating the overall protection of your SharePoint solution, including checking security certificates and updates, permissions, antivirus configuration, etc.
Patch installation Patch installation. We ensure the protection of work processes and collaboration in SharePoint by installing the latest security patches regularly. To avoid any application interruptions we apply the zero downtime patching (ZDP) method. Besides security patches, we install bug fixes and patches (e.g., language patches) that improve performance and usability of a SharePoint solution.


Based on monitoring the state of your SharePoint environment and collecting various metrics, we deliver weekly and monthly status reports. They contain information on the state of the system and performance of SharePoint solutions. Specifically, we analyze:

  • Farm configuration.

  • Authentication and networking.

  • Search configuration.

  • Master page functionality.

  • Custom web parts.

  • Security configuration of local servers.

  • Subsites count.

  • Design.

  • Usability.


Besides standard managed services, we provide SharePoint consulting to help your enterprise make the best of SharePoint capabilities in case of major changes in your SharePoint solution, for example:

  • Migration of a SharePoint solution to a newer on-premises version or to the cloud.
  • Creating a hybrid SharePoint solution.
  • Developing a custom SharePoint mobile app.
  • Integrating a SharePoint solution with third-party software.


  • Managing Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS): performance tuning, diagnostics and troubleshooting, remote administration, security management, hosting management.
  • Managing Microsoft SQL Server: design and implementation, configuration and administration, capacity management and monitoring, performance tuning, storage disaster recovery.
  • Making backups. We prepare disaster recovery plans and provide recommendations for a SharePoint backup strategy. We schedule full and incremental backups for content, metadata, etc. and perform data recovery. We also check the backup and recovery processes with regular testing.

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At CodeByte, we don’t stick to a rigid SLA and have a transparent and flexible pricing policy for SharePoint managed services. Contact our team to learn the details.