For over 5 years, CodeByte has been helping organizations to increase their business strength by leveraging SharePoint capabilities to enable multi-level collaboration, structured document management or diverse automated workflows.

We help companies implement or redesign intranets, portals, contract management systems, knowledge management solutions, and more. We also offer SharePoint consulting, migration, integration, support and managed services.

Need All-Inclusive SharePoint Services?

CodeByte team offers comprehensive SharePoint services from consulting to support and evolution.


  • Microsoft SharePoint projects since 2007
  • Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content Competency
  • 20+ Microsoft SharePoint experts
  • Successful projects for Healthcare, Banking and Finances, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and more.


We provide full-cycle services to help you create the optimal SharePoint solution that powers employees’ activities and facilitates business processes.
SharePoint consulting
CodeByte experts are ready to assist you at any stage of a SharePoint solution’s planning, implementation or tuning to make it effective and widely adopted by employees.
SharePoint Health Check
To ensure stable and error-free performance of your SharePoint solutions, CodeByte developed a specialized health check methodology to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the solution’s state.
SharePoint migration
Our experts are ready to conduct a smooth change of SharePoint’s versions or deployment models to help companies benefit from the latest SharePoint functions, optimize their infrastructure and provide users with modern, convenient and powerful solutions.
SharePoint support
Regardless of what SharePoint version you run, our team of skilled SharePoint consultants and developers is always ready to give you a helping hand in solving issues.
SharePoint development
Our team will assist you in developing a SharePoint solution from scratch, modifying it according to new business needs or optimizing its current features.
SP managed services
Our SharePoint team provides ongoing monitoring of SharePoint solutions, solves technical issues, and improves features to help companies maintain seamless operating of their SharePoint environment.


Our SharePoint services go beyond delivering a technically attractive solution or solving a functional issue. We always prioritize your organizational specifics and align our actions with your business strategy.


Expertise - ScienceSoft We tailor the platform to facilitate your advance towards more productive working processes. Every service and solution we deliver aim at fostering dynamic and collaborative corporate environment that favors higher employee productivity and better business results.
Expertise - ScienceSoft We support organizations at any stage of their SharePoint maturity. We are ready to address our customers’ needs if they only start their way with SharePoint to help them build up full-fledged and convenient solution. We also support organizations with a long-lasting SharePoint story and help them get the maximum return on their investments in SharePoint.
Expertise - ScienceSoft We help our customers create a centralized multifunctional SharePoint ecosystem. We transform SharePoint from a passive tool used occasionally into an active business participant that covers a wide range of daily tasks and processes, which prevents organizations from having to adopt numerous single-purpose solutions.


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